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Price target

A Price Target is a forecasted price level for a financial security, typically set by financial analysts or investment firms. It represents the predicted price of a stock, bond, commodity or other financial instrument at a specific point in the future, usually within a 12-month period. Price targets are based on a variety of factors such as the company's financial performance, industry trends, and overall market conditions.

Price targets can be used as a benchmark for evaluating a security's potential for appreciation. If the current market price is below the price target, it may be considered undervalued and a potential buying opportunity. If the market price is above the price target, it may be considered overvalued and a potential selling opportunity. However, it's worth noting that price targets are not always accurate and they can change over time based on new information.

Investors also use price targets as a way to monitor the performance of their investments. If a security's price is approaching its price target, it may be a signal to take profits or consider selling. Conversely, if a security's price is well below its price target, it may be a signal to buy more shares or hold on to the existing position.

In summary, price target is an estimate made by analysts of a stock or security's future value, which helps investors make investment decisions.

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