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Explore our brand new attitude to stock investing: use fundamental scoring, evaluate dozens of fundamental indicators in seconds, test your strategy, and periodically rebalance your portfolio.

Fully customize your strategy and empower your stock picks - screen, analyze & backtest to make best investment decisions!
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Scrab Way of Investing

Beat the market with the support of a data-first approach to stocks. Reap the full benefits of the power of bias-free visualization, updating in real-time stock changes and effortless fundamental analysis.

Configure, customize, and remember: what can be measured in the world of stock picking, can be managed. With tremendous accomplishment!

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Stocks Analysis in 5 Simple Steps

With the Scrab, investments happen almost for you - we equip you with all the real-time data you need, thanks to which we simplify the whole process to the minimum of time and decisions!

Fundamental Scoring

Configure your own rules and rate companies based on the indicators of your choice.
Opt for a tailor-made solution that allows you to weigh and rate companies individually:

  • transparent visualization;
  • deep-dive insights;
  • full customizibility.
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Powerful Charts

Make decisions based on a clear visualization - you no longer need to rely on tons of data from tables that hurt your eyes:

  • master chart - manually analyze 500+ metrics for available companies;
  • multi chart - quickly check preselected metrics for chosen enterprise;
  • technical chart - technical analysis for whoever needs it!
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Precise Stock Screener

Set desirabled filters and limit chosen criteria to items of key strategic value:

  • narrow down your choices with ease;
  • discover companies you haven't heard of;
  • stay up to date with the latest stock market data.
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Real Backtests

Backtests only make sense if they are created on the basis of historical results and data, exactly as they would have looked in the past:

  • ensure that chosen strategy will work;
  • see historical risk profile;
  • avoid look-ahead bias.
Backtests investment picking

Portfolio Management

Track and monitor your investment portfolio without any need to log into different brokers:

  • trace current profits and losses;
  • calculate optimal assets allocation;
  • speed up and simplify portfolio rebalancing with our (rebalancing) assistant;
  • don’t miss important changes in stocks you own. 
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State-of-the-art Alerts

Don't miss the investment chance to meet new potential opportunities! Stay up to date. Always!

Use Scrab and make the most of latest info:

  • know right away about drops in the markets; 
  • keep up to date with changes in the list of the top 100 best-performing stocks.
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What Users Say about Scrab 👨‍💻

You don't have to take our word for it - check out what our customers think of us and join the traders' pack!

  • "As for me: #1 stock-picking tool. I especially recommend the fundamental scoring model feature - it has made a real revolution in the way I make investment decisions by simplifying data analysis, showing them on clear visualizations, and generating literally at a glance!"

    Grzegorz Stec, Scrab User, doctor
  • "To say the least, Scrab is an electrifying mix of time savings, automation, and lightning-fast access to condensed data in a system that I parameterized myself.

    Definitely worth recommending to all investors who want to break out in the crowded stock market!"

    Adam Brzeziński, scrab user, Freelancer
  • "A really life-changing (and in fact investment decision-changing) tool!

    Scrab makes stock picking easier than ever before, and, most importantly, bias-free and fully customizable."

    Dominika Jurkowska, scrab user, credit analyst

Bring your investments to the brand new level 💪

Stay up to date with Scrab latest features - we introduce new solutions constantly:
  • Portfolio management

    • Real time alerts
    • Allocation engine
    • Rebalancing machine
  • Discovering new stocks

    • Market screener
    • Stock comparison
    • Technical analysis
  • Learning center

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    • Video tutorials
    • Reliable support

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