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The Ultimate Tool for Fundamental Analysis

Stock Screener

Find Companies Matching Your Criteria

Filter based on industry, sector, country and over 400 metrics.
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Fundamental Scoring

Automate Your Fundamental Analysis

Customizable scoring models unique to you. Rank companies and find the best stocks, in seconds.
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Deep Dive Into Data

Explore data outside of your scoring model. Manually review metrics to make sure nothing is missed.
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Portfolio Management

Build & Manage Your Portfolio

Keep up with portfolio changes and rebalance with ease.
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Take Action When Necessary

Set up alerts and get notified when something important to you changes.
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Validate Your Strategy

Improve your scoring models using historical financial data. Review past scores, best companies, and simulate portfolio returns.
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Scrab all the way

“Phenomenal platform that offers more than you think you may need.

From simple data gathering to the most complex metrics creations, Scrab surely leads the way in its field. And all of that combined with a fantastic support. No doubts I'm staying with them for long.”
Adrian Kucharski

Changes the way you invest

“Fast support when needed, tons of analyzed data, including those taking into account not only the U.S. and Canada, but also companies outside North America.

In a word - a cool, intuitive tool that changes the way you invest.”
Katarzyna Śmiałkowska

I wish I had found Scrab sooner

“Over the years I probably have spent over 200 hours setting up and updating an excel spreadsheet, which I used for tracking my stock research. Scrab not only gives me financial data, but is also a perfect replacement of the spreadsheet itself.”
Hector Martinez

Game changer

“Marvelous tool for all fundamental investors who want to pick up the best public companies all over the world.

The real game changer is the possibility to build a sophisticated scoring model that we can backtest even for companies which were scored high according to our indicators many years ago.”
Brokerage Integrations

Link Your Brokerage Account

Scrab integrates with the top brokerages. Easily sync your holdings.


How does it compare to YCharts, Koyfin, TIKR and other platforms?

Scrab is more of your private stock analyst, rather than just a research platform.

We not only give you access to financial data, but also provide tools to find the best companies, manage your portfolio and more — super quickly and leveraging your own, unique investing approach.

Where is the data coming from?

Scrab uses a few different providers, with majority of the data coming from FactSet. It's a world-class data provider used by many other platforms and banks, such as Wall Street Journal and Merrill Lynch.

Is it ChatGPT or other kind of AI?


We know it can be hard to trust your life savings to some black-box algorithm. Scrab is not a probability-based model, rather it is deterministic and transparent. We worked hard to ensure all scores calculated by Scrab are based on math that is easy to understand and verify.

I'm a beginner, is Scrab for me?

Yes — even if you don't feel ready to automate your analysis, you can confidently use Scrab's Charts and analyze data in a traditional way.

What markets and exchanges are available?

Scrab covers over 90 exchanges from all continents and 37k+ companies from over 110 countries.

Do I need to pay extra for data?

It's all included in your Scrab account, so no need to pay anything extra.

What if I need help?

We're always happy to help. Support is available via email and in-app chat.

If needed, we offer 1:1 video calls to help with setting up and customizing your scoring model.

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