What's New in Scrab 2.0

October 12, 2023

Our mission is simple: Provide the fastest way to research stocks.

Today we're thrilled to announce the launch of Scrab 2.0 — hands down the biggest update we've released so far. This release not only means a new version of the application hundreds of investors use daily, but also a new logo and a brand new website!

Scrab 2.0 introduces dozens of small and big changes that have one common goal — make researching stocks easier and faster. In this article you'll find highlights of what has changed.

We're very grateful to all of you who decided to try out the beta version in the previous weeks and shared feedback with us — the good and bad. Your feedback was truly invaluable and helped make Scrab 2.0 even better than what we could have achieved without you!

On behalf of the whole Scrab Team — a big thanks! 🙏

Summary of the changes

So, without a further ado, here are the highlights of this release.

It's faster! ⚡

While building a tool for fast stock research, we couldn't skip trying to improve Scrab's response times. We've accomplished some spectacular successes, such as:

  • Average page load time is 15% shorter.
  • Multi Charts are loading 40-90% faster, with the biggest speed up happening on charts displaying quarterly data (e.g. Revenue or EPS).
  • Backtest Results load 70-90% faster, with the biggest gains for backtests with long periods.
  • For popular queries, company search is 50% faster.
  • Chart on Rule Details page loads 90% faster.

General Changes

We've fully rebuilt Scrab's interface, including:

  • New logo and colors.
  • Proper dark mode — it's no longer just a negative of the default color palette!
  • Improved interface accessibility and introduced color palettes that are easier to distinguish different datasets in both modes — light or dark. The new colors can be found e.g. in Company's Revenue Segments tab or in Portfolio Details tab.
  • More options throughout Scrab where a company can be easily added to any Scoring Model or Portfolio using the "+" button.
  • All company tooltips include buttons for quick actions — not only opening the company's profile but also displaying the stock in Fundamental/Multi/Technical Charts.
  • Finding the right financial metric is easier, e.g. searching for "sales qtr" now shows "Revenue (Quarterly)" in results.
  • All the different elements (rules, multi charts and more) that can be reordered using drag&drop, now have an icon indicating so.

New Homepage

  • Summary of top companies from the active Scoring Model along with their position change from the previous day.
  • Recent market news and updates available for the companies in your Portfolio.
  • List of the most actively traded US companies along with colors based on their Total Score.
  • List of the most popular companies among Scrab users, also separately showing companies from the 10% of the best performing portfolios.
  • Summary of your Portfolio returns in different intervals, plus comparison to S&P 500 and other investors.
  • Portfolio summary with current prices, next earnings date and one financial metric of your choice.
  • Analyst revisions for all companies in your Portfolio — showing how their views have changed in the last day and also the last week.

Top Search Bar

  • Master and Technical Charts can now be opened for a given company directly from search results using the buttons on the right (can also be accessed using right/left keyboard arrows).
  • Search allows you to find and navigate to your Scoring Models, Portfolios and saved Screener configurations.
  • Company search results are smarter, e.g. displaying OTC listings further down the results list.

Company Profile

  • Display the Company in a different Scoring Model with only 2 clicks.
  • Buttons to open the Scoring Model Companies List and to return to the Company Profile (e.g. when displaying Rule Details).
  • For the companies that haven't been added to the Scoring Model, you can now add Alerts and also manually adjust metric channels.
  • When editing long company notes, the input fields automatically resize to display the entire note.
  • Full scoring results are now displayed in the center of the page using % values and colored bars.
  • Company's sector and industry can be pre-populated to Screener with a single click.

Stocks Comparison

  • Scoring Model used for the comparison can be changed with only 2 clicks.
  • Display charts for any of the rules to see the financial metric data for all companies in the comparison.
  • Added diagrams with visual representation of category scores of the given company, including also average category scores of all other companies in the comparison.

Scoring Rules

  • Much simpler and less cluttered summary of the score.
  • Bar showing the configured Grading Scale and current metric value for selected company.
  • Editing a Rule includes a preview with score of the most recently displayed company — it makes it much easier to quickly try out and experiment with different settings, seeing the changes in real-time, without having to modify your scoring model.
  • Manually adjusting channels in the "Metric Value in Historical Range" rules is faster and more intuitive.
  • Resetting the manually adjusted channel can be done with a single click.
  • Width of the panel with Rules can be adjusted — to do so click and drag the bottom-right corner of the sidebar.
  • Editing and adding new Categories is easier and doesn't require navigating through multiple pages.
  • All categories are always shown on the Rules list and Company Profile, even if no Rules are added to it yet.


  • Filter based on companies' country.
  • Filter based on multiple sectors and industries.
  • List companies excluding specified countries, exchanges, sectors and industries.
  • Some metrics, such as Market Capitalization, allow number symbols such as B for billions or M for millions — no need to type and count all the zeroes anymore!
  • Fundamental Scoring for all the Screener results can be opened with a single click.
  • Added action buttons above the results, making it easier to open charts, compare or browse any of the selected companies.
  • Company's country flag is shown in the results.
  • New financial metric picker allows to not only search for a specific metric, but also explore all available metrics based on different categories such as Technical Indicators, Risk, or Income Statement.


  • Previous Backtests and their existing runs are displayed in the left side panel.
  • Choosing backtest date ranges no longer rely on web browser's native date picker, which for some platforms was truly horrible (looking at you, Safari).
  • Existing Backtest runs allow updating one or more settings and re-running it — no longer needing to specify all settings from scratch.
  • Tear sheets have proper dark mode.

Scoring Models Companies List

  • Adding multiple columns with selected financial metrics. Although selected metrics are not currently saved, in the near future they will be 🙂

Multi Charts

  • Editing and adding new charts is faster and no longer requires reloading the entire page twice.
  • Same for managing Groups — no need to navigate multiple pages.


  • Allowed comma as a decimal separator when editing number of shares or price.

Portfolio Backtests

  • It's now called Model Portfolios to make it less confusing.
  • Target weights can be specified with decimal digits.

Master Chart

  • Updated mouse pointer shape and added horizontal line turning it into a crosshair.
  • Initial action of the "Select/Deselect All" checkbox is now deselecting, to avoid showing dozens of companies and metrics first, when you're just trying to deselect everything.

Quick Score, Stock Comparison and Asset Allocation

  • There is a proper company search functionality — you no longer have to remember or paste all the tickers you need.
  • When pasting the tickers, the invalid ones (if any) will be automatically filtered out.

ETF Biggest Holding

  • Tickers are colored based on the Total Score calculated for the currently active Scoring Model.
  • For individual companies: quickly display a Chart, manage Alerts or add the Company to any of your Scoring Models or Portfolios.
  • For all holdings: display Chart, browse scores or compare them using the active Scoring Model.
  • Weight of each holding is visually represented with a bar, making gauging the ETF composition even faster.

What's Gone

For various reasons we've also removed some features:

  • Exporting chart snapshots.
  • Links to external websites.
  • Checking scores change since specified date and displaying historical scores for all the companies in a Scoring Model.
  • Displaying stock Price in Rules Details page — this function will return soon 🙂

What's next?

For the next few weeks we'll be focused on updating our Knowledge Base, building a library of template Scoring Models, creating short how-to videos and ensuring all of that will be available at your fingertips, directly in Scrab.

Feature-wise we can't reveal too much, but let's say that Portfolios in Scrab are going to get even better 🫡

We know that change is disruptive and can take time to get used to new state of things, but we hope you'll get used to Scrab 2.0 in no time!

As always, we'll be happy to hear any feedback and suggestions you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out directly using in-app chat.

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