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Interest Expense

Interest expenses or total interest expense refers to the total amount of interest paid by a company on its outstanding debt obligations during a specific period, such as a quarter or a year. This includes all interest payments made on loans, bonds, and other forms of debt financing.

Interest expense is reported on a company's income statement as a cost of borrowing and is deducted from the company's revenue to arrive at its operating income or earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). The interest expense reflects the cost of financing a company's operations through debt, and it can have a significant impact on a company's profitability and financial health.


Company has $1 million in outstanding debt with an interest rate of 5%, its annual interest expense would be:

Annual interest expense = $1 million x 5% 

Annual interest expense = $50,000

This means that the company would need to pay $50,000 in interest expense each year to its lenders.

Total interest expense can be used as a metric to assess a company's debt load and its ability to manage its debt financing effectively. A high level of interest expense may indicate that a company is heavily reliant on borrowing to finance its operations, which can increase its financial risk and affect its creditworthiness. Additionally, high interest expense can reduce a company's profitability and cash flow, as it requires a significant portion of the company's income to be allocated towards interest payments.

It's important to consider other financial metrics and contextual factors when evaluating a company's performance, as a high or low level of interest expense may be a result of a company's growth strategy, industry norms, or other factors that do not necessarily reflect financial distress. Additionally, it's important to assess a company's ability to manage its interest expense effectively, including negotiating favorable terms, refinancing debt, and maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet its financial obligations.

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