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to make better
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Screen, analyze and backtest to find top stocks

Our systems give you the edge to beat the market and save a lot of time by automating your analysis and making sure your investment decisions are 100% data-driven and completely unbiased.

No prior programming skills are required, we promise.

  • 1.2M hours saved in total
  • 37k companies analyzed in secs
  • 500+ stock metrics visualized

Save your precious time,
let our systems do the work

SCRAB helps you take back your time by automating almost all investment tasks.

Easily build your strategy, quickly scan thousands of companies, visualize all the facts, create your portfolio, backtest it on real data, ...and, best of all, automate the entire operation.
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Five steps SCRAB can help you
go through (almost) seamlessly

You can do much more, but let's cover the basics
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    Screen for new stocks
  • Screenshot 2022 11 16 at 13.26.07
    Visualize the data
  • Screenshot 2022 11 16 at 13.26.47
    Build a scoring model
  • Screenshot 2022 11 16 at 13.35.07
    Backtest your strategy
  • Screenshot 2022 11 16 at 13.31.32
    Monitor your portfolio
Discover our advanced features in detail

Cutting-edge scoring model

Make unbiased investment decisions for the first time ever. Try rules predefined by us or designed by you to evaluate and grade companies based on any financial metric that matters to you.

Benefit from our visual pattern-recognition algorithms to automatically gauge how much the stock is overvalued or undervalued according to different metrics, ie., P/S or P/E ratios or price targets set by the best analysts.

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Real progressive backtests

Gain more confidence by employing our state-of-the-art backtest system that helps you assess how your stocks would have performed based on their true historical scores and data.

Backtests that use a list of stocks, based on current knowledge, are useless. By adopting our philosophy of rolling backtests, you can estimate as precisely as possible how your strategy would perform in the real market.


Fully automated workflow

Save dozens of hours wasted every quarter on updating your data. With us, you set your criteria once, and our algorithms will keep you posted about any changes in their scoring.

Thanks to our tireless machines that monitor the market daily, you will never miss a price target downgrade or EPS revision again. You can even create an alert to wake you up in the middle of the night in case something goes wrong (but hey! – don't do this, sleep is important).


Big data visualization

Feel like a pro by having all the incredibly accurate data relating to the stock fundamentals, forecasts, and economics in front of you – all presented clearly, in an easy-to-understand way so you can focus on what's important.

With our avant-garde mini chart solution, you can see all critical company or economic data at a glance. Practice a bit with our fully customizable mini charts, and you will achieve virtuosity in the data mining field.

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Fine-tune every factor

Stand out from the crowd and design your own unique path to success. Having breakthrough algorithms at your disposal might be necessary for today's dynamic market, but real people are still needed to guide the robots.

That's why we created an exceptional tool for human beings and human beings only. Meet the Master Chart, a tool that helps you check and manually analyze terabytes of financial data.


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    • Rebalancing machine
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