Precise Stock Screener

Finding the right stock can be akin to searching for the holy grail of investment. Hundreds of thousands of data to analyze and, in addition, to match with the adopted strategy mean tons of work in analyzing the criteria.

But don't worry - at Scrab we know how to effectively speed up and ensure the efficiency of the whole screening process!

Precise Stock Screener

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Effective Stock Screening
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Choose unique parameters and let our stoc screener do the whole work for you - and analyze the data in the blink of an eye. No matter what criteria you wish for - we will meet your requirements precisely.🫡

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  • Affordable Price

    Scrab Screener means the highest possible quality
    - at a good price. You can fully enjoy the benefits of the stock screener just for $19 a month.

  • World Coverage

    For us, the average is not enough: gain data for companies not only from the US and Canada, but also to those from outside North America.