Portfolio Management

Successful portfolio management is a kind of art. We're happy to help you in this field- with Scrab you can successfully achieve even the most ambitious long-term investment goals. 🎯

Use Scrab and see how easy it is:

  • monitor your account balance with your broker
    in real time;
  • combine the convenience of Scrab scoring with keeping an eye on analyzing your positions;
  • and much, much more!
Stock Portfolio Management

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Effortless Portfolio
Building & Supervising

Maximize expected return on investment while controlling risk. Weigh opportunities and risks across the entire range of stock portolio.💸

  • Rebalancing Portfolio Demo Account
  • Portfolio Demo Account

Strong Base for Further Growth

A stable collection of investments is at your fingertips - check what features to use to fit chosen goals and limitations.

  • Staying Up To Date

    Make sure you don't miss anything and keep your finger on the pulse of the account entrusted to the broker.

  • Extra

    Handy Brokers Integrations

    Use automated account tracking for Degiro, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Questrade, and (soon) for eToro, Schwab and E-Trade & others.

  • More Than Stock Evaluation

    Combine the convenience of Scrab's scoring with keeping an eye on and analyzing your holdings, rather than just selecting and evaluating companies before buying.

  • Portfolio Review at a Glance

    Facilitate a periodic (weekly/monthly/quarterly) portfolio review, as you can very quickly click through the already configured scoring results and charts.

  • Advantages of Modules Combining

    Portfolio Mangement in combination with Alerts module warns about analysts' downgrades of forecasts, so you won't miss when something bad happens to one of the companies you own.

  • Simplified Rebalancing

    Make rebalancing easier by showing how many of which stocks to buy/sell so that the weights of the companies in the portfolio match the selected settings

  • Extra

    Automatic Calculations

    Automatically calculate the size of positions in the portfolio based on advanced methodologies such as Hierarchical Risk Parity or Equal Risk, or, if one prefers, in proportion to any available metric, such as Sortino Ratio or Value at Risk. 

  • Quick Portfolio Diversification

    Quickly check the diversification of the portfolio in terms of industry and sector, thus avoiding the situation when a larger part of the portfolio than you would like goes to one type of firm.

  • Correlations Between Stocks

    Check the correlation between the stocks you own, so you can avoid a situation where you have X different stocks, but their prices move very similarly most of the time.

  • Analysts' Recommendations Overview

    Get a quick overview of analysts' recommendations and estimates: shows a summary of the so-called Consensus Recommendation and changes in forecasts, e.g. Price Target, from the last day and week.