#1 Fundamental Scoring Tool

Take a deep dive into the world of simpler scoring - bett on advanced analytics enriched with tons of visualizations:

  • gather, analyze, and compare tons of data in seconds;
  • end with untransparent and complex spreadsheets;
  • benefit from general views - as well as in-depth assessments.
Fundamental scoring model

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Fundamental Scoring in a Nutshell

Using Scrab is like hiring your own analyst who does exactly what you tell him, 24/7. Avoid human biases and break out above the rest of the market & the millions of investors looking at the same data.🚀

  • Fundamental Scoring main view
  • Fundamental Scoring view 2
  • Wide approach

    Take a chance to analyze the company profile and all the necessary values from the areas of Total, Growth, Validation, Momentum, or Fundamentals. Analyze everything in one view enriched with radar visualization.

  • Detailed perspective

    General data, of course, is not everything - that's why with Scrab you have the opportunity to take a closer look, configuring the desired rules and minifying the selected metrics.

  • Biases Avoidance

    Leave behind the biases and other downsides of evaluating companies "by eye". Get a fully customizable experience that allows you to leverage investor knowledge and experience - break out above the gray masses using popular tools where everyone sees exactly the same view.