Powerful Charts

Explore our collection of intuitive and comprehensive charts that will make analyzing new opportunities easier than ever.

  • reap the benefits of intuitive views that will make analyzing data above clear;
  • customization is our middle name - select the desired data and analyze the collected assets with ease.
Powerful Charts view

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Uncover the Full Strength
of Visualization

Tired of endless data presented in unreadable snapshots? Scrab comes to the rescue - say goodbye to static values, say hello to a whole new quality of graphs! 📈🔥

  • Multi chart view
  • Powerful charts visualization
  • Up to Dozens of Metrics at a Time

    Stop clicking between screens and wasting time (and investment thread) - by using multichart you get a quick view of up to several dozen metrics at once.

  • Time is Money

    Benefit from fast browsing of companies (e.g., from a portfolio): make a list for yourself and then just use the arrows to switch between successive companies.

  • Even 5 different metrics on one chart

    From now on, you can use multichart and visually assess Price vs Price Target or any other combination of indicators - you can already see by eye whether X is higher or lower without the need for deep analysis and data comparison.

Far Ahead of the Competition🏆

Explore the modern approach to charts analysis - Scrab is not just feature parity with the industry's biggest players, but something much more:

  • Sharing & Branding

    Share graphs with your team, download ready-made charts and add them to emails or presentations. If you need to give them a corporate look - we're here for you.

  • Customized Templates

    We know how important a personalized approach is in investing. Create your own charts - and once prepared templates save them in the library for further work.

  • Tons of Data

    Scrab = 500+ metrics, 37,000 securities from around the world and key economic indicators ready to use on-hand.

  • Clean Design

    Rich data is what we like best - with the understanding that it must be presented clearly. The charts module gives you the opportunity to tame the information and make it look clear. 

  • Extra

    Industry-leading Technical Analysis

    Get the most advanced Technical Analysis tool with over 100 customizable indicators thanks to our partnership with TradingView.

  • The Song of the Future

    Know that we don't stop at familiar industry practices - we improve each of our features on an ongoing basis so that you can aspire to be the new Warren Buffet!

  • Extra

    Grouping Charts Into Categories

    Use multichart and group charts into categories: make it easier to find the chart you need instead of scrolling through several screens and searching by title.