Real Backtests

Backtests using a list of stocks created based on today’s knowledge are useless. ❌

We are the first tool available on the market to select stocks based on their historical performance and data, exactly as we would have seen them at the time. Bet on Scrab - and compare how the investment strategies undertaken performed in the historical timeframe of the market!

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Your Perfect Backtesting Scenario

Seeing how an accepted investment strategy would have done ex-post arouses a lot of excitement and allows to draw valuable conclusions. Remember: past performance is no guarantee of future results. 

Check historical performance which may (or may not) translate into the future. Keep a finger on the pulse of investments - and test to improve performance! 🎯📈

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  • Strategy Checked Accurately

    Stop choosing specific companies - Scrab allows you to create a broad definition of your dream company
    (long live scoring!), which will automatically create the composition of your portfolio in backtests.

  • Backtests Based on Fundamentals

    Stop checking "how much I would have earned if I had chosen X years ago the companies that have given me the most to earn until today". Find out "how much I would have earned if I had chosen companies according to my investment strategy for X years."